Ten creative ways to thank a veteran this Veterans Day (or any day).


Veteran’s day in America is November 11. Veteran’s day at Sheepdog Support Co. is EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In honor of Veteran’s Day this year I want you to challenge yourself. Every time you see a veteran or military service member, go out of your way and make it a point to thank them. This doesn’t have to be forced, or awkward- just a simple conversation about that Vietnam veteran hat they’re wearing, or a story you remember your grandpa telling about his time in the military.

One commenter on our Instagram account said his uncle came to his class in elementary school for Veterans Day in 2003 and it was the first time his uncle had been thanked for his service since he got back from the war in 1972. If that doesn't embarrass you then you should look for another business to support because, to me, I feel like a failure hearing stories like that. 

These ideas are great to do for Veterans Day, but just think about if we practiced doing some these year round. I know we could make a difference in the lives of our heroes. 

  1. Put together a care package for a veteran you know to tell them you’re thinking of them (hint: we send free care packages to veterans full of products made by veteran owned companies).

  2. Have your kids or a group of kids write thank you cards and hand them out to veterans you see throughout the day.

  3. Pay for their meal and I don’t mean secretly pay for their meal as you leave. Start a conversation, thank them, and then tell them you would like to pay for their meal.

  4. Organize a small community BBQ, get together, or ice cream social.

  5. Reach out to a veteran or service member that you know and just check in. Have a conversation and see if there’s anything they need help with.

  6. Throw a birthday-like party but instead of birthday boy or girl, the guest of honor is a veteran or group of veterans that you’re celebrating.

  7. Hang flags, big or small, all over town with signs that say thank you for your service.

  8. Support veteran owned businesses in your town.

  9. Donate to a veteran organization.

  10. Volunteer at your local VA hospital.


While any of these would be sure to put a smile on a veteran’s face, don't feel like you need to organize a parade just to say thank you. In fact just striking a conversation and making a point to seriously thank them for their service will always be enough. You are not bothering them, you are not interrupting their day, you are being a friend to the forgotten many who desperately need to be treated better in this country. Some veterans dislike talking about their service or don’t know what to say when someone actually does thank them for their service. There are many ways to thank a vet without coming out directly saying thank you. No matter how you say it, our veterans need to know that we still care.

There is a scary trend happening to our veterans when they return home from war. Twenty veterans commit suicide every day and the fight at home is not one our veterans should endure alone. Most importantly, if you know a veteran in need please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to assist in anyway we possibly can.

Don't forget that we offer free care packages to all military and veterans with our Veteran to Veteran program. The recipient will receive a package with products solely produced by veteran owned businesses. This allows us to support veterans in more than one way; by lifting morale of the receiver and helping market and provide sales for the veteran owned businesses we choose to support. If you are a veteran owned business and would like more information on this opportunity please contact us directly. You may request a care package by filling out our form here.

Veteran’s Day events by Sheepdog Support Co.:

  • Christmas Stockings for Soldiers (October 2018 - November 2018)

    We are so excited to be sending Christmas Stockings to a Marine Corps unit that will be deployed to Kuwait this Christmas. Help us spread some holiday cheer to those who cannot be home with their families! For a list of supplies requested please click here.

  • Christmas Card Crafts at Pini Ace Hardware (Sunday, November 11, 2018)

  • Dine and Donate at Moylan’s Brewery (Tuesday, November 13, 2018)