Financial Peace for veterans


Financial Peace University is a course (online or in local groups) that teaches budgeting, getting on the same page financially with your spouse, identifying which types of insurance you need, planning and saving for major expenses, investing for your retirement, giving, and much more. I have chosen to offer this course after going through it myself when my husband and I were at rock bottom. We have been debt free for a little over a year now and are so grateful we found FPU when we did because we would have without a doubt become homeless and bankrupt. This $149 course is offered to you free, please contact us directly to sign up.

Veterans to Veterans Care Packages (temporarily discontinued)

These aren't your average care packages. We have partnered with several veteran owned businesses and will be purchasing their products and sending them to veterans here at home. With this program we really wanted to focus on supporting veterans out of the service. Those receiving this care package will enjoy some awesome products from their brothers and sisters in arms. The veteran owned businesses that we market will be featured on our social media accounts, get their products in the hands of their target market, and will have recurring sales through our company. As a nonprofit we realize we can ask for donations from bigger companies, but we felt it would be so much more rewarding to these small businesses to have a partner boosting their sales while helping them get their names out there.

If you have a small veteran owned business and would like more information on participating in this program please email us at


Stockings for Soldiers

This program is available October through January of each year. Stockings shipped to soldiers overseas typically take 4-6 weeks so ordering well in advance will ensure they receive your gift prior to Christmas. If you would like to request a stocking, please contact us directly to sign up. This Christmas we will be sending 25-50 stockings overseas. Some products from our veteran owned businesses will be included as well.